Well I'm a bit late getting this up but with a very active fourteen month old running around it's hard to get things done in a timely manner!

CHASE IS DONE!!!  As of July 18, one year and four days post-op, he has officially passed all the check-offs and has the neurosurgeon's final "OK"!!  No more helmets!!

We are so very happy to be done and so happy with the choice we made to travel to TX for his procedure just as we did for Ryan.  No regrets!  

Now we will move forward and enjoy watching him grow into the little man God made him.

Thank you so much to everyone for all of your prayers and support along the way!  We have enjoyed so much, hearing from so many wonderful people and look forward to meeting more!

I am so very excited to announce that we will officially be helmet free in 10 days!!!  Words cannot express how happy we will be to be done for good!  

Chase is doing so well!  His head shape is beautiful and I have absolutely no complaints whatsoever regarding the surgery and helmet therapy process!  The results speak for themselves!

Chase is walking now and climbing on everything!  He's a very active boy and tries his best to keep up with his big sister and big brother.  Maybe we should rethink this helmet graduation!  I could see where that helmet could come in handy with as crazy as he is!

So I'm a bit behind in posting our news.  The great news is that we learned on our last trip to TX that this is the final helmet Chase will have to wear!!  We are so excited about that.  Ryan had gone though four different helmets and for a longer period of time due to the severity of his case so we are just super stoked that we will be done sooner with Chase!  The helmet will come off this summer and we will be done!!  For good!! :)  

Chase is doing everything right on schedule.  No concerns for him developmentally or otherwise!  He's a happy healthy baby and just the delight of our lives!  I wanted to try to get a pic of Chase in his helmet but getting him to sit still these days is quite a feat!  If you look at the picture in the top right corner by his head is his helmet.  It's decorated in race cars and reads, "Just try to keep up!!!"  That is our life right now.  Just trying to keep up with all that energy!   And we're loving it!! :)

Well it's that time again!  Chase has outgrown his helmet and it's time for a new one.  He has grown so much and it still such a big baby!  He's such a happy guy!  The helmet doesn't bother him at all.  Well...I should say that it is getting more and more difficult to put on which causes a little fussing if mom and dad don't put it on just right.  But it hasn't slowed him down one bit.  He has started crawling and he thinks he's such big stuff!  So...soon we'll be off for another trip to TX.  Praying he travels well again!

Chase's current helmet has been shipped back down to TX for some adjustments.  He's grown so much that it is getting difficult to get it on and off. The orthotics guy suggested we send it down for some adjustments.  I really don't know what they do to that hard plastic to adjust it but...we're hoping it will get us through another month.  One more month and we'll be back down for his next check-up and new helmet fitting.  Words cannot express how badly I just want to be done with this whole process!  I love the trips down...but I just so badly want to throw the helmets away for good!  Look at that fuzzy little head!  It's perfect!!  I just want to snuggle him all day while I can...while he's still little.  They grow so fast as it is...just seems so wrong to miss out on all those fuzzy head baby snuggles!

We have had a wonderful Christmas!  We stayed home this year and just spent some nice time with our own family spending Christmas in our own way!  It was wonderful!  Chase spent his first Christmas playing with his big sister and big brother.  We pray everyone had a very Merry Christmas and will have a spectacular New Year!!

Today I am thankful.  Craniosynostosis appeared in our lives over 5 years ago and I’ve never been the same since.  I am more passionate.  More vocal.  More demanding.  More humble.

I’ve been introduced to a world that for some parents there are daily struggles and worries about what the future will hold for their little babies.  I’ve had my eyes opened to the breaking hearts of others as they entrust their little ones to the scalpel of surgeons.  

I’ve had my heart broken.  I’ve seen the stares of passersby as they question what is wrong with my son.  I’ve been accused of being neglectful...of being the cause of my son’s condition.  

I’ve felt helpless.  Searching for answers but finding none.  Wanting to kiss it away but finding I can’t.

I am thankful.  

Thankful that my son is just fine.  That surgery went well.  That he has a wonderful future ahead of him.

I am thankful that I’ve been able to get to know hundreds of other people that know the road we have been down.  I am thankful I can tell our story to others about to go down this road.

I am thankful that the hurt of my broken heart has opened my eyes to what real problems are.  That I can relate to others as they feel the judgmental stares of people who have no clue what they are really going through.  

I am thankful for seeing the value in all life.  No matter how imperfect our world deems it.  

I am thankful for prayers.

I am thankful for patience.

I am thankful for differences.

For imperfections.

For reality checks.

I am thankful for craniosynostosis.  For what it has made me.  For enlightening my world.

I am thankful...

Chase is looking fabulous!!  His head is so perfect and rounding out just as it should!  I couldn't be happier with the results.  Yesterday he was scanned for his second helmet and today he received it and got it properly fitted.  Everything is going so well.  Even the plane ride down went well.  Thankfully he fell asleep during the flight!  He got lots of looks of adoration in the airport! People thought he was so cute!  I couldn't help but decorate his new helmet right away.  Gotta have fun with it!

Shameless plug for their website?  Nah!  Just spreading awareness!! :)

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I'm not sure which one of us loves bath time more!  Chase, because he loves to relax and splash in nice warm water, or me, because I get to be on the receiving end of all that happiness!  And look at that beautiful round head!! I'm so happy with his progress!

We head back down for his next check-up and scan for his next helmet soon!  I just hope he sleeps this peacefully on the plane ride down!!

Remember that fantastic head of hair I bragged about a couple of months ago?  Here it is...about 3 inches long and when it is wet...curly!!  :)  I can see amazing changes in Chase's head.  It's almost frustrating to me because it looks perfect!  So I sooo badly want to just get rid of the helmet and snuggle that little cutie pie with all that lovely hair!!  But...alas...I suppose the neurosurgeon does know more than I do.  So I will trust him.  He has been doing these for over 15 years and his results show that if you take off the helmet before 18 months, for whatever reason, the head will go back to that sagittal cranio shape.  So...bath time is over...the hair is drying...soon the helmet will go back on.  But believe me...I'm counting down 'til the day we can say good bye to the helmets forever!