Remember that fantastic head of hair I bragged about a couple of months ago?  Here it is...about 3 inches long and when it is wet...curly!!  :)  I can see amazing changes in Chase's head.  It's almost frustrating to me because it looks perfect!  So I sooo badly want to just get rid of the helmet and snuggle that little cutie pie with all that lovely hair!!  But...alas...I suppose the neurosurgeon does know more than I do.  So I will trust him.  He has been doing these for over 15 years and his results show that if you take off the helmet before 18 months, for whatever reason, the head will go back to that sagittal cranio shape.  So...bath time is over...the hair is drying...soon the helmet will go back on.  But believe me...I'm counting down 'til the day we can say good bye to the helmets forever!

Tomorrow marks three weeks post-op and Chase is doing great!  The steri-strips have fallen off his posterior suture revealing a scar that is healing nicely.  He has become accustomed to wearing his helmet now and only gets it off for bath time.  Honestly he's quite indifferent to it.  With him being so young it's more of a challenge for us to get it on and off.  Definitely a two person job!  

Chase had his two month check-up when we got back and he is growing just as he should be.  He is a big boy weighing in at a little over 14 lbs. and is at the 91st and 92nd percentile for height and weight.  Overall,  he's just a happy boy!

Next week I go back to work and he will have to go to daycare.  We've already stopped by and let them know about Chase's surgery.  They don't seem phased by the helmet as they have had other babies with helmets for plagiocephaly (flat spot).  But as the helmet doesn't come off during the day, they shouldn't have to do anything anyway.

Next step is to head back to San Antonio in September for his next check-up and to get his next helmet.  For now he just has to do what babies do best.  Grow!