So I'm a bit behind in posting our news.  The great news is that we learned on our last trip to TX that this is the final helmet Chase will have to wear!!  We are so excited about that.  Ryan had gone though four different helmets and for a longer period of time due to the severity of his case so we are just super stoked that we will be done sooner with Chase!  The helmet will come off this summer and we will be done!!  For good!! :)  

Chase is doing everything right on schedule.  No concerns for him developmentally or otherwise!  He's a happy healthy baby and just the delight of our lives!  I wanted to try to get a pic of Chase in his helmet but getting him to sit still these days is quite a feat!  If you look at the picture in the top right corner by his head is his helmet.  It's decorated in race cars and reads, "Just try to keep up!!!"  That is our life right now.  Just trying to keep up with all that energy!   And we're loving it!! :)

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