Today I am thankful.  Craniosynostosis appeared in our lives over 5 years ago and I’ve never been the same since.  I am more passionate.  More vocal.  More demanding.  More humble.

I’ve been introduced to a world that for some parents there are daily struggles and worries about what the future will hold for their little babies.  I’ve had my eyes opened to the breaking hearts of others as they entrust their little ones to the scalpel of surgeons.  

I’ve had my heart broken.  I’ve seen the stares of passersby as they question what is wrong with my son.  I’ve been accused of being neglectful...of being the cause of my son’s condition.  

I’ve felt helpless.  Searching for answers but finding none.  Wanting to kiss it away but finding I can’t.

I am thankful.  

Thankful that my son is just fine.  That surgery went well.  That he has a wonderful future ahead of him.

I am thankful that I’ve been able to get to know hundreds of other people that know the road we have been down.  I am thankful I can tell our story to others about to go down this road.

I am thankful that the hurt of my broken heart has opened my eyes to what real problems are.  That I can relate to others as they feel the judgmental stares of people who have no clue what they are really going through.  

I am thankful for seeing the value in all life.  No matter how imperfect our world deems it.  

I am thankful for prayers.

I am thankful for patience.

I am thankful for differences.

For imperfections.

For reality checks.

I am thankful for craniosynostosis.  For what it has made me.  For enlightening my world.

I am thankful...

Barbara Dryden
11/21/2011 05:26:03 pm

We have so much to be thankful for. It may not have been the roads that we would have chosen to take but we have a great big God to see us through. Thank you for giving us a glimpse into your journey. Love you guys, wish we weren't so far away.

Lori Knutson
11/21/2011 07:37:14 pm

Thank you Brenda for sharing your journey with Ryan and Chase and for being the loving and compassionate person that you are!

11/22/2011 04:11:39 am

great post! So glad both boys are doing so good. Glad you hunted down and found the much more simple surgery option. You are an amazing mom :)

1/13/2012 10:12:58 am

This marks the third time I've re-read this post of just speaks to my heart! I feel less alone knowing that I'm not alone on this journey!


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