The road to San Antonio is a long one for us!  But the kids have all traveled well!  Thankful for the portable DVD player for the older two!  Chase has done quite well for his first road trip!  We are all happy to be settled in to our hotel room now and as ready as possible for the process to begin.

We arrived today so that I could donate blood for Chase just in case he would need it during or after surgery.  More than likely he won't.  When Ryan had his surgery the neurosurgeon said he only lost three tablespoons of blood.  During recovery, however, they did question at one point if maybe he needed some.  He didn't though and recovered just fine.  

I found out that Chase and I are the same blood type, so just to be proactive, I've donated some in his name.

People may wonder why we travel so far for surgery.  In our state, we were told that there is only one neurosurgeon that corrects cransiosynostosis.  He and the plastic surgeon he works with only do the traditional cranial vault remodeling (CVR).  When I did the research originally for Ryan, I had found information about a much less invasive route that Dr. Jimenez and Dr. Barone were during.  They started it around 15 years ago and have had great success with it.  Because both of my boys were diagnosed early enough we had the option to go this route.  I preferred the fact that it is less invasive, less blood loss, less time in the hospital.  While it has worked out for my boys to have this option I understand that the CVR is still needed and I know others who this is the best option for them.  

Wednesday is the next big day for us.  We will meet with the neurosurgeon and get Chase's head scanned.  While we are down here again, we are also going to have Ryan checked up.  Will be interesting to see if anything has changed since were were here about 3 years ago.

Tomorrow we will try to relax.  Can't
Susan Treolo
7/11/2011 01:08:27 pm

So happy you made it with no problems. Praying that your little Chase will recover quickly and with no complications. Thank you for keeping us posted. Will pray that your family stays safe and that the medical staff will know just what Chase needs.

Lori Winscher
7/12/2011 11:26:26 am

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!


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