Chase was born with a fantastic head of hair!  I am sitting here snuggling with him as he sleeps and I love nothing more than to feel his fuzzy little head snuggle into my neck.  

It's hard to tell because he has so much hair, but if you look closely you can see how the back of his head is starting to kind of poke out in the back.  Honestly, had we not already been through this before I really wouldn't think it all that odd.  I might tell the doctor he has a bump on his head but I doubt it would be something that would get x-rayed for quite some time.  Which makes me thankful in a weird way that we have been down this road already.  Because had it not been caught for another six months or so, the endoscopic surgery would not be an option for him.  The endoscopic is so much less invasive than the traditional CVR and I am grateful it is an option for Chase.

Such a shame to put a helmet on such a fine head of hair!  I'm going to miss the fuzzy snuggles!
7/22/2015 12:12:47 am


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